This year’s Bash was a brilliant day! On March 23rd, 220 youth from right across the Diocese gathered together to praise God in song, listen to his Word preached faithfully and have a whole lot of fun. Over the day we did a deep dive into Hebrews chapter 12 as we considered big questions like ‘What does it mean to endure as Christians?’, ‘How can we carry on living for Jesus when our friends live so differently?’, and ‘How can we bring our friends along with us as we head towards our heavenly reward?’ A huge thank you goes out to the team at Barraba Anglican Church who hospitably welcome us back each year with a brilliant morning tea and barbecue lunch.

Thank God for the number of youth that came along this year to the Barraba Bash. Thank God for those who came along who may not call Jesus their saviour personally. Pray that this event would support the faithful work happening week in and week out at local youth ministries to introduce youth to Jesus and help them home to heaven.

You can find out more about youth ministry in our Diocese here and on the Armidale Diocese Youth website.