Hospital Chaplaincy

Hospital Chaplaincy aims to care for patients, such that their eyes might be opened to see their need for a Saviour, and so turn and trust in Christ.

We take time with patients from all faith backgrounds and none. We major on listening well, so that trust is developed and opportunity naturally encouraged. This care often extends to their families, being a non-clinical presence offering support and assisting them in giving voice to their concerns, fears and grief.

In these painful moments, people often discover the secret of vulnerability. Instead of talking tough and tossing around positive thinking, they begin to express genuine emotion and helplessness. Because God does not minister to the person we pretend to be, but rather to the person we are.


In our Diocese we have formal Hospital Chaplaincies in two locations – Tamworth and Armidale. In other places, visits are conducted by the parish minister when requested.

In Tamworth, the Chaplaincy is conducted within Tamworth Base Hospital by Rev. Gus Batley and his team. If you know you are coming to Tamworth Hospital, you can ask your minister to contact Gus in advance; or once on site you can request the same through your nurse.

In Armidale, the chaplain is the Rev. Brian Kirk. He visits both Armidale Rural Referral Hospital and Armidale Private Hospital. You can phone the Chaplain on 0402 034 558, or call the Diocesan Office on 02 6772 4491, to arrange a visit.


You can support the work of the Chaplaincies in two ways.

Firstly, please be praying for the Chaplains, their ministries, and those they minister to. Secondly, you can support the chaplaincies financially in the following ways;

  • direct credit to;

          The Anglican Diocese of Armidale

          BSB 032-607

          Acc no. 000134

          Reference – THCgift or AHCgift

  • cheques payable to The Anglican Diocese of Armidale – Tamworth Hospital Chaplaincy or Armidale Hospital Chaplaincy.
  • selecting one of the Chaplaincies as your nominated entity for bonus interest earned on a Diocesan Development Fund account.