Anglican Diocese of Armidale

The Anglican Diocese of Armidale exists to glorify God by introducing people to Jesus and helping them home to heaven.



Clergy Moves

At this time of year there are invariably a number of clergy moves. Paul Foster, who has bee.. Read more »

A New Year's Thought

Prior to Christmas, 2017, I was invited by ABC radio to give a brief Christmas message. In that .. Read more »

The Virtue of Christmas

Virtue: goodness, righteousness, integrity, honesty, morality, uprightness. Its antonym is &ldqu.. Read more »

Christmas Service Times 2017

PARISH CHRISTMAS SERVICE TIMES 2017 ARMIDALE 24 December 7.30a.. Read more »

A Prodigal’s Christmas

Everyone seems to love the story of a prodigal’s return. In fact, we often hear people say.. Read more »

Collegiality and Humility

October is such a good month. The paddocks are green and look healthy after rain. Thunderstorms .. Read more »


Surprising how a new day can bring in one moment joys and possibilities and in the next confront.. Read more »

Remembrance Day

Memories! Significant enough to make an appearance in the repertoire of Barbara Streisand. The J.. Read more »

Provoking Discrimination

Words come and go depending on the times. Recently I heard a man say that he thought with the fa.. Read more »

Some Sage Advice

What do you do when you’re tired of debate, the politics has been monotonous, the issues d.. Read more »

Something a Little "Icky"

Staggering I thought as I read the front page of the Armidale Express. A picture of Bishop Micha.. Read more »


Hypocrisy just makes us mad doesn’t it? Politicians speaking of tightened belts, while end.. Read more »


Much of the discussion surrounding the Same Sex Marriage issue concerns “love”. You .. Read more »

Where are we now in the West?

“Where are we now in the west? As our liberalism loses touch with its Christian roots it i.. Read more »

Fascinating Political Times

We live in fascinating political times or should I say disappointing or grievous times. Democrac.. Read more »

Assisted Dying

The question of “assisted dying” is again on the agenda, and our Local State Member .. Read more »

Putting God Back in the Centre

It is never surprising to hear a Christian leader lament the declining values of society. My gue.. Read more »

Faith Matters

When it comes to the subject of forgiveness, faith matters. If you have been reading “Fait.. Read more »

Liberating Forgiveness

Some years back I was swimming with my family in the Cotter River outside Canberra. At the panic.. Read more »

The Power of Forgiveness

A month ago I thought a series of articles on forgiveness would offer encouragement and hope. It.. Read more »

ANZAC Righteousness

Hacksaw Ridge I know is an American war movie produced by the Aussie, Mel Gibson. It may not be .. Read more »

Easter: For the Love of Beautiful Things

Has our age lost a love for beautiful things? With all our environmental education my travels st.. Read more »

The Bullies Well Brewed Beer of Fear

I think I am largely even handed when it comes to various debates. I try very hard to hear the o.. Read more »

Easter Service Times 2017

PARISH EASTER SERVICE TIMES 2017 ARMIDALE Good Friday St Peter.. Read more »

A Buck's Weekend

You know things are going well when your future son-in-law invites you to his buck’s weeke.. Read more »

An NRL Reflection

National Rugby League, the NRL, has once again hit the headlines. My footy team is one from two .. Read more »

Fake News and Romantics

After Valentine’s Day I looked at the Thesaurus’ meanings for romance. As you do! I .. Read more »

The Giver of Life

When is a cruise not a cruise? When accommodation is at one end of a non-floating ship and resta.. Read more »

A Serious or not so Serious Consideration of Death?

Considering death and all the responsibilities that go with death, it is worth remembering that .. Read more »

Love is in the Air

After a week when the valentine is moved by the scent of flowers, jewelry, or a candle lit resta.. Read more »

That's Not Fair

I don’t know if you have ever noticed how much Australians demand justice. The cry of &ldq.. Read more »

A Ray of Sunshine on Cloudy Days

There is a period of life when you lose touch with the lessons of childhood and it often takes a.. Read more »

No One Way to Grieve

“Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust” are familiar words but they come with.. Read more »

Standing Above the Pack

As I opened my computer this morning this article was on the work list for completion. Writing .. Read more »


I watched 60 Minutes recently and saw the responses to a discussion on Euthanasia. One of the re.. Read more »

The Boy in Black, White and Blue

The weeks have passed since the football Grand Finals but there remains an after-glow. Many know.. Read more »

A Crack in the Dam Wall - from the Dean

There is a crack in the dam wall. I can see it. Water has already started pushing out, a tiny fo.. Read more »

God's Masterful Providence in the Seasons - the Dean

Well, the frosts have well and truly arrived, and along with them the cold winds, and occasional.. Read more »

Life-changing Heart Surgery Required – the Dean

We woke recently to the news that an 85 year old priest in France had been murdered while carryi.. Read more »

A Healing Thought

“Dear ……………..; You've always been a hater..... So sad f.. Read more »

Killing Christianity

I have to admit to being a little surprised to read in the Daily Telegraph of May 19 the headlin.. Read more »

Political Respect

I don’t have a lot of time to read Sunday papers, but my media watch wife informs me of al.. Read more »

Surprised by Joy

It is not every day that someone like me is invited to a dinner where the ticket price is bigger.. Read more »

Budget Considerations

In a week that delivered the national Budget came the usual and predictable claims by all partie.. Read more »

Language - a window into us

What is language? It is communication that can in any moment catch everything between the b.. Read more »


Anzac Day is a big day for me, as it is for most Australians. But it was bigger for those l.. Read more »

Life After Birth

It is my hope and prayer that you enjoyed a safe and happy Easter break. For us it was a we.. Read more »

The Easter Enigma

Easter is a bit of an enigma if you have never really thought much about it. The ruler of t.. Read more »

Vigilant Parenthood

It is a strange, and I hope not misunderstood thing to say, but I am glad my grandparents an.. Read more »

Holiness, Sexuality and Love

An abridged version of Dr David Peterson’s 2015 Mathew Hale Lecture. In t.. Read more »

Hearing both Sides of the Argument

In a nation where all things in politics seem possible, some things still amaze me - or perhaps the .. Read more »

The Cost to our Culture

Have I become a prude? Probably. But not without cause. I wrote on pornography a couple of weeks .. Read more »

2015 Christmas Services and Events in Armidale Diocese

Armidale 13 December 2015 6.00pm St Peter’s Cathedral – Family Carols 20 Dec.. Read more »

SRE in Schools

What is becoming of our world when people break laws and are executed under foreign jurisdic.. Read more »

Sukumaran and Chan

When God is the life giver then you always hope for life and not death. The recent deaths, .. Read more »

‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’

100 years ago an Aussie Padre by the name of Andrew Gillison, serving in the 14th Battalion,.. Read more »

Bishop's Easter 2015 Reflection

When Wellington fought Napoleon the future of England was uncertain. One ship semaphored th.. Read more »

What would Jesus Christ know about my life?

What would Jesus Christ know about my life? That’s a question almost anyone could ask .. Read more »

The Bishop on age and ageing

Recent articles by the Bishop on age and ageing. Strange things can happen when you get o.. Read more »

Easter Services in Armidale Diocese

ARMIDALE Good Friday St Peter’s Cathedral: 9:30am St Mary’s, West Armidale: 8.0.. Read more »

Chris Brennan to be new Dean

Chris Brennan is to be the next Dean of St Peter’s Cathedral in Armidale. In ever.. Read more »

The Hound of Heaven

A further article by Bishop Rick Lewers published in the Armidale Express. The H.. Read more »

Recent Articles by the Bishop published in the Armidale Express

Download recent articles by the Bishop published in the Armidale Express. He Can Walk Thr.. Read more »

Replies to Synod Motions

Replies so far received to Motions passed by Synod. Replies to Motions passed by.. Read more »

Christmas Services in Armidale Diocese

Armidale 21 December 2014 10.30am St Nicholas’ Saumarez Ponds 5.00pm Uniti.. Read more »

Diocesan History Launched

A history of the Diocese of Armidale was launched at the Diocesan Synod last Saturday. .. Read more »

Mission not Survival

Bishop Rick Lewers in his 2014 presidential address to the Armidale Synod emphasise.. Read more »

The Downing of MH17

The Bishop comments on the downing of MH17 Some things disgust me and I must guard my to.. Read more »

Diocesan Centenary

The Archbishop of Sydney, the Rt Rev Dr Glenn Davies, is to be the keynote speaker at the Di.. Read more »

Dr Patricia Weerakoon to visit Diocese

Dr Patricia Weerakoon, a medical practitioner turned sexologist and writer, is to give a ser.. Read more »

General Synod 2014

A team of seven, led by the Bishop, Rick Lewers, represented Armidale Diocese at the Anglica.. Read more »

Easter Services and Related Events in the Armidale Diocese

ARMIDALE Good Friday Cathedral: 9:30am St Mary’s, West Armidale: 8.00am and 5.00pm Easte.. Read more »

Bishop comments on Drought Situation

The Dry behind the Fence - Click here (/articles-and-commentary/the-dry-behind-the-fence.. Read more »

Centenary Ordination Service

St. Peter’s Cathedral was the setting for the 2014 Centenary Ordination Service at the.. Read more »

Dr Patricia Weerakoon to visit Diocese

Noted speaker and social commentator on sexuality is to visit the Diocese in July and August.. Read more »

St. Peter’s Cathedral accorded State Heritage Status

At a ceremony held in St. Peter’s Cathedral on 12 March the New South Wales Minister f.. Read more »

The March 2014 Edition of The Link

The March 2014 edition of The Link covering the 2013-14 summer is now available. Click here to v.. Read more »

Michael Raiter to lead Preaching Conference

The Director of the Centre for Biblical Preaching, Michael Raiter, is to lead a preaching co.. Read more »

Dean’s Address at Peter Chiswell’s funeral

The Dean's Address at Bishop Peter Chiswell's funeral can be downloaded below. .. Read more »

Eulogy for Peter Chiswell at his Funeral on 12 December 2013

Peter Chiswell was born on 18 February 1934. He grew up in Oatley, attended high school.. Read more »

Christmas Services and Related Events in the Armidale Diocese

ARMIDALE Sunday 15th Dec 10.30am: St Nicholas’, Saumarez Ponds ‒ Carols and Readings.. Read more »

A Tribute to Peter Chiswell

Christmas is never a good time to suffer the grief of a lost loved one and last Friday saw o.. Read more »

Bishop Peter Chiswell Dies

Bishop Peter Chiswell died in Armidale on Friday, 6 December 2013. Peter was the Dioces.. Read more »

A Clear Mission and Vision

In securing Synod’s agreement to a renewed mission and vision Bishop Rick Lewers state.. Read more »

The Christian Capital of our Nation Misunderstood

Bishop Rick Lewers in his presidential address to the Diocese of Armidale’s 48th Syno.. Read more »