Anglican Diocese of Armidale

The Anglican Diocese of Armidale exists to glorify God by introducing people to Jesus and helping them home to heaven.



ANZAC Righteousness

Hacksaw Ridge I know is an American war movie produced by the Aussie, Mel Gibson. It may not be .. Read more »

Easter: For the Love of Beautiful Things

Has our age lost a love for beautiful things? With all our environmental education my travels st.. Read more »

The Bullies Well Brewed Beer of Fear

I think I am largely even handed when it comes to various debates. I try very hard to hear the o.. Read more »

Easter Service Times 2017

PARISH EASTER SERVICE TIMES 2017 ARMIDALE Good Friday St Peter.. Read more »

A Buck's Weekend

You know things are going well when your future son-in-law invites you to his buck’s weeke.. Read more »

An NRL Reflection

National Rugby League, the NRL, has once again hit the headlines. My footy team is one from two .. Read more »

Fake News and Romantics

After Valentine’s Day I looked at the Thesaurus’ meanings for romance. As you do! I .. Read more »

The Giver of Life

When is a cruise not a cruise? When accommodation is at one end of a non-floating ship and resta.. Read more »

A Serious or not so Serious Consideration of Death?

Considering death and all the responsibilities that go with death, it is worth remembering that .. Read more »

Love is in the Air

After a week when the valentine is moved by the scent of flowers, jewelry, or a candle lit resta.. Read more »

That's Not Fair

I don’t know if you have ever noticed how much Australians demand justice. The cry of &ldq.. Read more »

A Ray of Sunshine on Cloudy Days

There is a period of life when you lose touch with the lessons of childhood and it often takes a.. Read more »

No One Way to Grieve

“Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust” are familiar words but they come with.. Read more »

Standing Above the Pack

As I opened my computer this morning this article was on the work list for completion. Writing .. Read more »


I watched 60 Minutes recently and saw the responses to a discussion on Euthanasia. One of the re.. Read more »

The Boy in Black, White and Blue

The weeks have passed since the football Grand Finals but there remains an after-glow. Many know.. Read more »

A Crack in the Dam Wall - from the Dean

There is a crack in the dam wall. I can see it. Water has already started pushing out, a tiny fo.. Read more »

God's Masterful Providence in the Seasons - the Dean

Well, the frosts have well and truly arrived, and along with them the cold winds, and occasional.. Read more »

Life-changing Heart Surgery Required – the Dean

We woke recently to the news that an 85 year old priest in France had been murdered while carryi.. Read more »

A Healing Thought

“Dear ……………..; You've always been a hater..... So sad f.. Read more »

Killing Christianity

I have to admit to being a little surprised to read in the Daily Telegraph of May 19 the headlin.. Read more »

Political Respect

I don’t have a lot of time to read Sunday papers, but my media watch wife informs me of al.. Read more »

Surprised by Joy

It is not every day that someone like me is invited to a dinner where the ticket price is bigger.. Read more »

Budget Considerations

In a week that delivered the national Budget came the usual and predictable claims by all partie.. Read more »

Language - a window into us

What is language? It is communication that can in any moment catch everything between the b.. Read more »


Anzac Day is a big day for me, as it is for most Australians. But it was bigger for those l.. Read more »

Life After Birth

It is my hope and prayer that you enjoyed a safe and happy Easter break. For us it was a we.. Read more »

The Easter Enigma

Easter is a bit of an enigma if you have never really thought much about it. The ruler of t.. Read more »

Vigilant Parenthood

It is a strange, and I hope not misunderstood thing to say, but I am glad my grandparents an.. Read more »

Holiness, Sexuality and Love

An abridged version of Dr David Peterson’s 2015 Mathew Hale Lecture. In t.. Read more »

Hearing both Sides of the Argument

In a nation where all things in politics seem possible, some things still amaze me - or perhaps the .. Read more »

The Cost to our Culture

Have I become a prude? Probably. But not without cause. I wrote on pornography a couple of weeks .. Read more »

2015 Christmas Services and Events in Armidale Diocese

Armidale 13 December 2015 6.00pm St Peter’s Cathedral – Family Carols 20 Dec.. Read more »

SRE in Schools

What is becoming of our world when people break laws and are executed under foreign jurisdic.. Read more »

Sukumaran and Chan

When God is the life giver then you always hope for life and not death. The recent deaths, .. Read more »

‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’

100 years ago an Aussie Padre by the name of Andrew Gillison, serving in the 14th Battalion,.. Read more »

Bishop's Easter 2015 Reflection

When Wellington fought Napoleon the future of England was uncertain. One ship semaphored th.. Read more »

What would Jesus Christ know about my life?

What would Jesus Christ know about my life? That’s a question almost anyone could ask .. Read more »

The Bishop on age and ageing

Recent articles by the Bishop on age and ageing. Strange things can happen when you get o.. Read more »

Easter Services in Armidale Diocese

ARMIDALE Good Friday St Peter’s Cathedral: 9:30am St Mary’s, West Armidale: 8.0.. Read more »

Chris Brennan to be new Dean

Chris Brennan is to be the next Dean of St Peter’s Cathedral in Armidale. In ever.. Read more »

The Hound of Heaven

A further article by Bishop Rick Lewers published in the Armidale Express. The H.. Read more »

Recent Articles by the Bishop published in the Armidale Express

Download recent articles by the Bishop published in the Armidale Express. He Can Walk Thr.. Read more »

Replies to Synod Motions

Replies so far received to Motions passed by Synod. Replies to Motions passed by.. Read more »

Christmas Services in Armidale Diocese

Armidale 21 December 2014 10.30am St Nicholas’ Saumarez Ponds 5.00pm Uniti.. Read more »

Diocesan History Launched

A history of the Diocese of Armidale was launched at the Diocesan Synod last Saturday. .. Read more »

Mission not Survival

Bishop Rick Lewers in his 2014 presidential address to the Armidale Synod emphasise.. Read more »

The Downing of MH17

The Bishop comments on the downing of MH17 Some things disgust me and I must guard my to.. Read more »

Diocesan Centenary

The Archbishop of Sydney, the Rt Rev Dr Glenn Davies, is to be the keynote speaker at the Di.. Read more »

Dr Patricia Weerakoon to visit Diocese

Dr Patricia Weerakoon, a medical practitioner turned sexologist and writer, is to give a ser.. Read more »

General Synod 2014

A team of seven, led by the Bishop, Rick Lewers, represented Armidale Diocese at the Anglica.. Read more »

Easter Services and Related Events in the Armidale Diocese

ARMIDALE Good Friday Cathedral: 9:30am St Mary’s, West Armidale: 8.00am and 5.00pm Easte.. Read more »

Bishop comments on Drought Situation

The Dry behind the Fence - Click here (/articles-and-commentary/the-dry-behind-the-fence.. Read more »

Centenary Ordination Service

St. Peter’s Cathedral was the setting for the 2014 Centenary Ordination Service at the.. Read more »

Dr Patricia Weerakoon to visit Diocese

Noted speaker and social commentator on sexuality is to visit the Diocese in July and August.. Read more »

St. Peter’s Cathedral accorded State Heritage Status

At a ceremony held in St. Peter’s Cathedral on 12 March the New South Wales Minister f.. Read more »

The March 2014 Edition of The Link

The March 2014 edition of The Link covering the 2013-14 summer is now available. Click here to v.. Read more »

Michael Raiter to lead Preaching Conference

The Director of the Centre for Biblical Preaching, Michael Raiter, is to lead a preaching co.. Read more »

Dean’s Address at Peter Chiswell’s funeral

The Dean's Address at Bishop Peter Chiswell's funeral can be downloaded below. .. Read more »

Eulogy for Peter Chiswell at his Funeral on 12 December 2013

Peter Chiswell was born on 18 February 1934. He grew up in Oatley, attended high school.. Read more »

Christmas Services and Related Events in the Armidale Diocese

ARMIDALE Sunday 15th Dec 10.30am: St Nicholas’, Saumarez Ponds ‒ Carols and Readings.. Read more »

A Tribute to Peter Chiswell

Christmas is never a good time to suffer the grief of a lost loved one and last Friday saw o.. Read more »

Bishop Peter Chiswell Dies

Bishop Peter Chiswell died in Armidale on Friday, 6 December 2013. Peter was the Dioces.. Read more »

A Clear Mission and Vision

In securing Synod’s agreement to a renewed mission and vision Bishop Rick Lewers state.. Read more »

The Christian Capital of our Nation Misunderstood

Bishop Rick Lewers in his presidential address to the Diocese of Armidale’s 48th Syno.. Read more »