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In Focus


“Confusion” is a word we all understand but a reality that is terribly hard to live with. Take the headline that reads, “Revived ‘Zoe’s law’ Bill a risk to women’s abortion rights, warns pro-choice groups.” The comments by women’s and legal groups argue that this is, “a real risk to women’s reproductive rights.” As a reader I can’t help but see the quandary we are in. To defend a woman’s right to abort by choice is a defence in conflict with the justice desired by the parent of an unborn child killed by another’s illegal actions. Read More »

Peace by blood

Remembrance Day certainly gives one pause to think about the world and the life we live in it. It has been a few weeks since RSL members gathered in the Cathedral for an early Remembrance Day service followed by the commemorations in the park and my mind is still affected by this annual day of importance. Read More »

A matter of concern

Sometimes I read things that I really don’t know what to do about, things that seem to me to be so significant that I feel I have to let others know, even if the reaction I get is anger. And I’m allowed to speak up like that. It is one of the strengths of free speech. Free speech allows us to raise concerns even when they’re not always welcomed. In Dr John Whitehall’s Quadrant article of July 2018 he drew my attention to the draft platform prepared by the Australian Labor Party for its National Conference later this year which, in Chapter 10 (“Strong democracy and effective government”), includes, for the first time, a specific provision regarding gay conversion therapy. Paragraph 83 says, “Labor opposes the practice of so-called conversion and reparative therapies on LGBTIQ people and seek [sic] to criminalise these practices.” Read More »

A matter of gender

Dr John Whitehall is Professor of Paediatrics at Western Sydney University. He recently wrote an article in Quadrant entitled “Experimenting on Gender Dysphoric Kids”. He begins by noting that “Paediatricians with a total of 931 years' experience reported only 12 cases of gender confusion, meaning just one genuine case might be expected every 76 years. Now, each year in Australia, hundreds are presenting for treatment which the ascendant orthodoxy decrees must be provided.” Read More »

Zoe's Law

The death of Katherine Hoang’s unborn twins is worthy of consideration by us all. The law charged the driver with Katherine’s manslaughter, but proved silent on the twins killed one week from their due date. Read More »

A better worldview

Dr Christine Blasey Ford would not be a name people are familiar with except for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and now election to the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Claims of teen sexual assault could not be more serious. It’s a timely reminder to every young person that youthful bad decisions can affect your entire life. The truly sad part of the Kavanaugh and Ford issue is that no one knows who to trust any more. Read More »

A sleepless night

I read a really interesting story of a poor woman who came to her king and asked for compensation for the loss of some property. “How did you lose the property?” asked the monarch. “I fell asleep and a robber entered my dwelling”, she replied. “Why did you fall asleep?” the king asked. “I fell asleep because I believed that you were awake.” The king’s response was to compensate the woman for the trust she invested in him. I wonder if any of us could fall asleep under the leadership we experience in 2018, whether from bishops, principals, chairmen, captains or state and federal politicians. Read More »

Cronk and Slater

The week leading up to the Grand Final was like few before, with its strange focus on “shoulders”. Who would have thought that shoulders would demand such media exposure? I can’t really remember when the simple shoulder ever headlined the news. Read More »

Foolish Footballers

It is finals time with winners and losers. As I write, my cardinal and myrtle colours are still flying but only just. I say this not because we were kept in the competition by three field goals but because of my disappointment in off field behaviour. Read More »