Anglican Diocese of Armidale

The Anglican Diocese of Armidale exists to glorify God by introducing people to Jesus and helping them home to heaven.


In Focus

Cardinal Pell's Acquittal

My challenger reminded me of the article I wrote regarding the conviction of Cardinal Pell after his conviction in 2019. Following Cardinal Pell’s acquittal, my correspondent asked if I would now write again on the matter. Read More »

Infringed freedom, or love thy neighbour?

In a culture of individualism and entitlement, the authority of government to curtail our rights is one some people question and in some cases just flout with a high hand. Read More »

Stripped down to a prayer

Then came COVID-19, the disease that crashed the markets and our love of money. Then it locked us up, exiled us to our homes like creatures forced to hide under rocks for fear of this unseen enemy Read More »