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A better worldview

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dr Christine Blasey Ford would not be a name people are familiar with except for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and now election to the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Claims of teen sexual assault could not be more serious. It’s a timely reminder to every young person that youthful bad decisions can affect your entire life. The truly sad part of the Kavanaugh and Ford issue is that no one knows who to trust any more. Leftist politics is not beyond fabricating falsehoods to achieve its progressive and destructive agenda while a “conservative” President, who no one can trust, keeps declaring matters fake news.


The self interest of all is overwhelming and light years away from the “other person centred” concern of a Christian worldview.


Whatever the truth of the Kavanaugh/Ford past, every man must fight against abuses perpetrated by men against women. Any assault on a woman is to objectify them, commodify them, depersonalise them, seeing them as little more than a machine from which we gain pleasure that is no real pleasure at all. That fight begins in the home with responsible fathering, it must infiltrate the ethos of our schools and be demanded in the world of business.


It is, of course, easy to pick on men in a world where the once sensible feminist has lost out to the radical fringe of men haters. It is so much harder to speak to women about the abuse of men and the challenges that women confront to be respectable.


The problems of male and female are not either/or but both/and.


Few people would know who Stephanie Gregory Clifford is. Perhaps that’s indicative of the deceitfulness of pornography. Her real name is lost to her professional title, Stormy Daniels. She’s a porn star whose notoriety has been given a boost by virtue of a sexual non-relationship with President Donald Trump. I say “non-relationship” because she presents herself as little more than a sex machine to stimulate men for money, while the President, like many men, is reduced to little more than a machine that has been stimulated. Here is a woman who objectifies, commodifies and depersonalises men and the most intimate of human relationships. By her actions she addicts men and sometimes women to a soul destroying loss of personhood.


I may be a cynic but the media attention this woman seeks must be driven by either money, an attempt to revive interest in her ageing body or just a desire to destroy another individual. But what of the media and their agenda? In case you’re entertained by all this you might want to consider how unbecoming this all is.


It would seem that men and women have an equal capacity to diminish the value of one another. So whatever the truth of the Trump/Daniels past, just as is the case for men, every woman must fight against abuses perpetrated by women against men. That fight begins in the home with responsible mothering, it must infiltrate the ethos of our schools and be demanded in the world of business.


The Christian worldview begins with a massive challenge that our world would rather silence than be healed by. Many would rather remain sick and spread the contagion, rather than bring the wellness that the Christian worldview offers. In the beginning God made us male and female, in His image God made us. Nothing could suggest a greater value to our lives than to be made in God’s image. Written into every person is a dignity and a value that we should want to uphold against all else. We are not machines but embodied person made for relationship and to be respected as such. The Christian worldview focuses us on the wellbeing of others and does not reduce people to being objects of our pleasures. The Christ at the centre of the Christian worldview so loved people He was prepared to lose his life for us, to give us life to the full.