Anglican Diocese of Armidale

The Anglican Diocese of Armidale exists to glorify God by introducing people to Jesus and helping them home to heaven.


In Focus

Droning on and on

I have recently been roaming the whole of this planet, living out of suitcases, soaring in planes above nations, cities and people, enjoying the sights and sounds of new places. I used to think the world was a big place but with travel and information it really is not that big at all. But big or small it’s easy to get lost when home is out of sight and one is beyond the limits of whatever control is to be found there. Read More »

Droning on again

Getting perspective in life is really helpful. My drone is a helpful educator for gaining perspective and I hope you will see why as you read on. Humanly speaking, perspective helps you to understand where others are coming from but if we are to love others and show empathy we need to get ourselves into perspective as well. Read More »

Droning on

Interestingly, no one suggested that the drone would teach me things about life and I certainly wasn’t expecting it. But it did. Let me explain. Read More »

What is death like for a Christian?

It presents itself in inscriptions, statues of the departed, places of remembrance, tombs and plaques. It presents heroes, slaves, the persecuted, and holocausts. Death is everywhere. It favours no one culture, it speaks every language, and even the living are on its guest list. Confronting? Absolutely! Grievous? Certainly! Any hope? Well that depends. Read More »

Faith in times of drought

I pray for rain regularly as does the church Sunday after Sunday. I’ll stop and say hi to the long yarders and let them know that we care and offer some encouragement not to give up. I want what they want and that’s survival and for them to succeed. However, I do wonder sometimes if drought is a helpful reminder of our ultimate lack of control and issues of mortality. I often wonder if God has written into his creation a capacity for it to force us to consider ultimate realities that have no answers but the answers God offers. Read More »

The gift suitable for the whole world

If you were to give a gift that would be suitable for the whole world, what would it be? Books? But some people are illiterate. Food perhaps? Internationally diet is so very diverse. What about clothing? Climates will create some dilemmas here. Read More »

Eat by faith

I am not the best cook but I am happily married to one who is. So it was a little surprising to find myself volunteered to be the cook at a women’s conference. Read More »

Lean on me

It really is odd that we spend most of our lives living independently of others, making our mark, doing the Frank Sinatra “My Way” lifestyle. I say it’s odd because life began being with us being carried, we grew by being nurtured and it usually ends in the care of others and sometimes in the care of one you hardly even know. Read More »

Vision and mission statements

There is a lot of good that come from a clear vision and an articulated mission statement. So why don’t we write a vision and mission statement for our lives? I think it is worth a try. Read More »

Religious Literacy

Lord Alton of Liverpool, member of the House of Lord’s wrote, “Religious illiteracy leaves us badly prepared for a world in which billions believe in and ‘do’ God - and where religion can be used as a powerful force for good or ill.” Read More »