Anglican Diocese of Armidale

The Anglican Diocese of Armidale exists to glorify God by introducing people to Jesus and helping them home to heaven.


In Focus

The Currency of Government

With an election over, we will return to normal transmission. At least we hope so. A nation has voted and the genius of our democratic system sees a new government installed. Read More »

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater

It would seem our nation is doing a spring clean, getting rid of the things they consider unnecessary or even rubbish. We want the Christian out of Rugby; Special Religious Education out of Schools; and it would seem as if our Armidale Regional Council is getting involved in the national spring clean as some want prayer removed from their meetings. Read More »

A Hell of a Thought

Do people go to hell? Well sadly I am of the view that they do. Happily, I am also of the view that people don’t have to go to hell. My view is not unlike the view expressed by Israel Folau. Some things lead to hell but hell can be so easily avoided. But don’t shoot me, or Israel for that matter, as we are just the messengers. Read More »

What's on Your Mind?

What an extraordinary thing the mind is. While waiting at the airport between flights I am surrounded by things that celebrate the mind. Read More »


ANZAC is a word that goes to the very heart of our culture. In a culture which is gradually distancing itself from its Judeo/Christian roots, a nation looks for places to worship where hearts unite around something that inspires. Read More »

A Strange Easter Prayer

I begin with a confession. I was a closet lover of poetry when at school. And this was not a school where students valued the arts and literature. Perhaps, more correctly, I was among a cohort of students who could turn violent if you admitted to such loves. Read More »

Arrivals and departures

On the way to the airport for a flight to Townsville, a text message arrived: “Waters broke at 4.30, Caesarean at 7.30.” Read More »

Love for a full life

Life in three words doesn’t sound like much of a life unless the words are faith, hope and love. Big words for a full life. Read More »

Hope for a full life

When you have faith in something you can rely on, then hope follows. When you put your faith in something which is unreliable, something which can’t be trusted, or even in yourself, then you can’t expect that what you hope for has any certainty. Indeed hope becomes little more than wishful thinking. Read More »

Faith For a Full Life

When it comes to telling your own story there really are two options. The first is “You do You” which is very common and the second might be best expressed as “God did me.” One story is full of self while the other is self full of God. Read More »