Anglican Diocese of Armidale

The Anglican Diocese of Armidale exists to glorify God by introducing people to Jesus and helping them home to heaven.


In Focus

Hope for a full life

When you have faith in something you can rely on, then hope follows. When you put your faith in something which is unreliable, something which can’t be trusted, or even in yourself, then you can’t expect that what you hope for has any certainty. Indeed hope becomes little more than wishful thinking. Read More »

Faith For a Full Life

When it comes to telling your own story there really are two options. The first is “You do You” which is very common and the second might be best expressed as “God did me.” One story is full of self while the other is self full of God. Read More »

Make a difference in a crisis

In every prayer, concern for others was expressed. It would be true to say that the compassionate heart of love for those in need had shown itself above the usual self-interest we have become familiar with. Read More »

Cardinal Pell Conviction

I am writing this the morning after Cardinal Pell’s conviction for child sexual abuse became public knowledge. I will admit to not following Cardinal Pell’s case all that closely but I expect that the courts will deal with him in accordance with the rule of law. I also admit that it is always wise to pull the log out of my own eye before trying it on someone else. As an outside observer who is not a Roman Catholic it might be argued that I should say nothing. But saying nothing about an issue that impacts the faith of many would be remiss of me and perhaps irresponsible, especially in a column entitled “Faith Matters”. Read More »

Lead us not into temptation

The surrender to temptation and the resultant freedom for evil has enormous implications for us personally and corporately and a myriad number of examples could follow. Read More »

Forgive us our debts

After thirty years of ministering to people I am glad that it was only a brown snake between my son and me. That may sound strange but the snake was just passing through. Anger, resentment, bitterness and hatreds don’t just pass through and people often run sending the venom coursing through their existence. Read More »

Our daily bread

It seems there was a time in Australia when prayer was thought to be something important enough to teach your children and the Lord’s Prayer was a good place to start. Read More »

Your kingdom come

I once heard a speaker suggest that parliament should not begin with the Lord’s Prayer. As a young clergyman who on occasions opened the Shire Council meeting with the Lord’s Prayer, I thought that strange. As our nation changes, this prayer was something I felt we all needed to hold in common. But was the speaker correct? Read More »

Our Father

During my Christmas break I met a young man who had never been in a church, not even for a funeral or a wedding. He knew nothing of Jesus Christ except that it had been a good swear word for him. He knew nothing of prayer and I expect that he could not even recite the Lord’s Prayer. Read More »

Who are you when no one is watching?

With everyone watching the ball, no one had noticed that Booth had stepped back on his stumps, but Booth knew so he left the field. Earthly umpires and oppositions can miss things but Booth knew that God doesn’t and that doing the right thing is always the best and most honourable thing even if it costs you. Read More »